#2 Why did I name it that?… huh

Hello again,

I am in a different mood today -so yeah. Here we go.

It seems everyone is stuck in this, some sort of time loop. Some of you would be like “He doesn’t know what he is talking about… Not everyone, I do something different every single day. He is so lame.”(In quotes is the voice of Patrick from Spongebob ). Well good for you but don’t you ever contemplate on the fact that whatever you are doing today or whatever you are doing ‘differently’, how has it changed you or made an impact on someone else.(sorry for such long sentences, can’t help it).

So that is the loop. There are two alternatives to this.

  1. You try to do something different every single day. Try to make changes in your routine, monotonous, algorithm. So your daily objective becomes to do something different. Which is ridiculous and impractical in this competitive day and age. So you resort to alternative 2.
  2. Wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm(and for the people who don’t need alarms STFU).Check your phone. Take it to the toilet with you (faecal stuff on your phone…yeah that stuff scatters around when you flush). Check your facebook or insta. See if your crush, girlfriend or some old mate replied to you. Then think about random thoughts in your mind which start with one topic and ends with another. Take a shower. Get ready for work or school. Then blah blah, boring boring, work work work, earn money or study or whatever you do. Come back sick n tired. Waste time on social media again if you haven’t already. Then sleep.

Then the same question pops up again. Why are we here and what is our purpose yadda yadda same stuff… we think and think and do nothing. And why can’t we do anything else because we have a family to feed, good university to get into, have money in our pocket to get stuff we absolutely don’t need (not talking about food or other essentials..that we need because we have to survive… you knew that ..okay ) get stuff added to your CV so that some MNC or some bigshot hipster type company hires you.

Every single thing we do has to have a certain meaning or goal or motive behind it. What would happen if we do something absolutely meaningless? Something crazy…something wacky just because you wanted to do it. Without anyone judging you or you worrying about how others would feel about it.But something legal, because you don’t want to trouble your mum with the police behind you. I know what I am saying is as logical as Ned Stark coming back to life after his head got chopped off. Hence the name “WTF is going on”.Because sometimes I have absolutely no clue what is happening around me and what I should do. Like I have no idea what I just wrote…Did it make sense I dunno.

I am trying to figure that out. Maybe that is another reason I wanted to start this thing(the blog)

So yeah I guess that is it for today I’m gonna go sleep now soooo…





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