#1 Am I doing this right?


So here I am talking to a stranger or someone I know maybe. Some of you out there might be able to identify me by my nickname, but for the others

“Hey, I am Potato, Cosmic Potato.”

Did that sound cool? Noice😀 (Anyone got that reference..No..okay😐). So I think I  might have some idea why I am doing this. Maybe I just want to keep a track of what is happening around me, or am I on the right path to be what I want to be. Well, for now, I do have certain goals in my life which I want to achieve. Let’s see how that goes. I can’t promise that I can make this a daily thing, but I guess I’ll try to do this quite often.

I’m gonna try a telepathic experiment here and try to guess what your first question about me is. Am I human? For that, I’m gonna say I am 60% sure. Wait that wasn’t what you were thinking… Oh! why the name “COSMIC POTATO”? -Well I love every single thing about space or the “COSMOS”( I don’t know why I am shouting… shouting is fun sometimes, isn’t it). And where I am from we put potatoes in almost all kind gravy or curry. I do like them sometimes but sometimes it’s meh. The main reason why “POTATO” is because NASA is experimenting with growing spuds on Mars. So yeah that is awesome. I know the name is kind of silly but I like it, I like silly and weird things. 

If that wasn’t your question either then wait … I might answer it later somewhere. And yes, I am a boy. 17 yr old. And I am into girls. Single. A little wacky. Just letting this useful info out there. But I assure you no one gets bored when I am around. So yeah I guess this is a good start. Let’s see how this goes.

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU (Did I tell you, I’m a bit nerdy)


p.s. I know my username is different but, pfft, who cares.

And it really helps if you comment and ask me questions about anything or even some constructive criticism will do.

And yeah the size of these things might vary.


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